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Temple of Echidna
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King-of-Monster-Gods's Profile Picture

:bulletgreen: If you like some of my artworks, don't be afraid to Add them to your Favorites.

:bulletblue: If you wanna get notified when I post new artworks and updates, you can click on that big "Watch" button up there!

:bulletyellow: I make a fantasy art with a touch of humor. You can check my gallery here:

:bulletpurple: If you are looking for inspiration or wanna draw something for me you can check my OPEN CONTESTS AND CHALLENGES section below

:bulletblue: I am always organizing new contests and challenges, you can find some entries from my previous contests in the "ART FROM FRIENDS" area

:bulletpink: My mythical art groups:

:bulletgreen: Cult of the Dragon Egg              :bulletpurple: Dark Cinderella

Drakaina Contest: Cult of the Dragon EggFor this contest, you have to draw the Worshiped Dragon Egg of this Story

Deadline: May 15
:bulletred: 1st place 240 points
:bulletgreen: 2nd place 160 points
:bulletblue: 3rd place 80 points

The 3 best artworks will also be featured for 1 year on my home page

:bulletgreen: "Dear Diary, today after school I went with Eloise to the old abandoned ruins beyond the river. We had been there before, but this afternoon we saw an entrance that had been seemingly blocked by a rock for who knows how many years, I think last week's spring floods dragged the rock away. Stepping through the entrance we entered some kind of shrine, the walls were sculpted with images of weird beasts of many heads spitting fires, and also women with weird horns dancing around the flames those things created. At the end of the corridor we found the main chamber, covered wi
              DARK CINDERELLA (Multiple-Choice Contest)This is a very special story I made this time, taking the subject of a classic fairy tale (Cinderella) and mixing it with elements from my fantasy stories .

Unlike my previous stories, there are 9 different scenes in this tale, each scene of this story will have its own contest with a prize for the winner of each.
:bulletgreen: For this contest, you have to draw an artwork inspired by One of the Scenes of the Dark Cinderella story (see below)
:bulletblue: The story is only a guideline for your artwork. You can include any elements from the scene that you want, but the final design is completely up to you
:bulletblack: Artistic rule: No tracing over other people's art. Don't use bases. Try to be creative with your creation.
:bulletpink: If you finish your entry for one scene before the deadline, and wanna try a different one, you can d


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hemosqueda Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This stuff is wicked! (As in "awesome" not "ethically reprehensible")
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thanks a lot, your art is so cool :D
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Thank you kindly for your attention to my poems, dear friend!
of course!!
Nymerii Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
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King-of-Monster-Gods Featured By Owner 2 days ago
well it is mostly inspired by mythology :D
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It's like mythology on acid :D keep up the good work ;3
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Thanks for adding my art!!!
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~ Your art is so incredible and unique!
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your art is so cool too :D

I can't wait to see more of your art!
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